Our Team

Leslie Seier – Lead Agent
(970) 231-2395 Cell
[email protected]

Leslie is a native of Elkhart, IN but has been in Colorado since 1993. Besides being an amazing wife and mother, Leslie is a top-notch agent serving the Fort Collins community since 2009.

Leslie is known for her attractive personality, steadfast negotiating skills and her addictive sense of humor.

Jay Seier – Marketing Director
(970) 541-4973 office
[email protected]

Jay graduated from Colorado State University in 1991. He grew up between Memphis, TN and Cape Girardeau, MO.

Jay has been in the industry either as a lender or real estate agent since 1995.

Jay is a tech-savvy, serial entrepreneur that has found a wonderful niche in real estate marketing.

Jay is a devoted Christian and family man that is proud to call Fort Collins his home. He has 2 children and a wonderful wife that all participate in the family business.

Jay’s job is to established the best marketing plans for Leslie’s buyers and sellers

Jolly Assistant
(970) 310-9234 Cell
[email protected]

We work with a wonderful team of specialists and assistants.