UPDATE! Fort Collins Real Estate Market and the Northern Colorado Real Estate Market

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The Northern Colorado Real Estate markets has been really nuts for the past few years. Because of that, there’s a lot of fear in the market right now.

Buyers are scared to pay too much. 

Sellers are scared to list their homes because they feel like they’re going to be left homeless. Because they’re seeing homes sell in a matter of days. The inventories are low.  They’re scared they’re not going to be able to find something to buy.

It’s tough I tell you but here’s the bad news. Things aren’t going to change. The values aren’t going to go down and interest rates are going to continue to go up. So right now is really the time that you need to be selling your home or buying your next home. If that’s what you want to do the days of the three and a half percent interest rates are probably gone for a while.

It took 30 years for them to come up the last time. Prices are just not going to go down. There are lots of people moving to Northern Colorado. We live in a wonderful place and it is just going to get more and more expensive, unfortunately. 

So what’s the solution if you’re stuck? You want to know how to get your home sold. Not be left homeless. If you want to buy a home then you know you need a plan. Unfortunately in this market if you’re wanting to do it on your own it’s not going to work. 

If you’re a seller you’re going to have to present your home in the best possible way.  You’ll have to get massive exposure in the market because buyers, even though homes are going quickly, are still very picky.

You as a seller need to be in a position to work with an agent that’s not an idiot. Most are. You need an agent that’s smart enough to set up the contracts so you don’t get left homeless, to give you time to choose the right house but still be able to sell your home for top dollar.

If you’re interested in discussing this more you can ask questions down in the comments. You can get in touch with me.  I’m Jay Seier with the Jolly Homes Team at Resident Realty. My website is JollyHomes.com.

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