Tips for better home showings

Selling a home in Northern Colorado can be very competitive. When selling your home, you can overlook some very important steps. Before your house comes up for sale follow some of these simple tasks:

  1. Clean your house. Have you ever seen Hoarders? Have you ever seen listing pictures with clutter everywhere? Don’t do that. Make sure you have everything cleaned up. Put your extra furniture, unused items and clothes in storage. Clean up your closets. Make sure your garage is cleaned out. The next owner of your home may actually want to park his car in the garage. 
  2. Do thorough cleaning. Showing a clean house will sell better. Make sure you clean fingerprints off of things in the home that can show fingerprints, mop and wax your floors and make sure you get any funky odors out of your home. Wash your windows. This helps get more light into your home.  Hire a cleaning service if the task is too big for you.
  3. Speaking of more light, update your lighting. Are you using really dim yellow lights in your home? Update those bulbs to bluer lights to get more light into your home. 
  4. Have an inspector go through your home. See all the things they have listed as wrong with your house. Buyers will get those reports too. Treat the things that need to be fixed as a to-do list. Sticky doors, new chaulking on exterior siding and in the bathroom surfaces where needed, fix torn screens, dripping faucets, and patch any holes. Clean up your yard. Trim out of control trees and bushes, put new sawdust in the areas that need it, rake your leaves, edge walkways and clean your gutters. For curb appeal, added pretty flowers to the walkway of your home and make sure your driveway has any damage it may have fixed. Seal it if necessary. 
  5. Set up the interior of your home. Add a colorful rug or throw rug and pillows to your couch. Use vibrant centerpieces. Set your table with placemats, napkins and nice plates and glasses. 
  6. Open houses. Make sure you and your pets are out of the house. Lock up valuables and if you cant makes sure they are out of the reach of people viewing your home. Make sure you are not home so that the buyers and the real estate agent can view your house without the watchful eyes of your home’s current owner, you.