Things to Do Outside in April in Colorado

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Spring has sprung in Colorado. Ski season is winding down. We are getting rain in the Front Range, and the last bits of snow in the mountains.

So what does one do in this transitional month? Keep on enjoying the Colorado lifestyle!

In the mountains, this is the beginning of what the locals call the mud season, but , there are still lots of activities to do in the mountains. Most resorts are having big parties at the base, including bands and food. Lodging is cheaper than the peak season and the sun is out, so you can start on your tan.

So here is a starter list of fun things to do outside in Colorado in April:

  • Go skiing! The ski areas are more like beach-front than ski areas in this month. go park your car at the base of the mountain, bring your grill, bring your bathing suit, and start on your summer tan. The traffic is way better too!
  • Attend one of the multiple music festivals at the ski areas. you don’t have to ski, you can just enjoy the music and festive atmosphere.
  • Go mountain biking! If it’s too wet, rent one of the new Fat Tire mountain bikes and go get muddy.
  • Go hiking! You might have to bring your snowshoes, but you can enjoy the beauty of the snow and the beginnings of the wildflowers and the rest of nature waking up to a beautiful spring.
  • Go hang out in a downtown! Colorado is full of awesome downtown areas, including, Old Town Fort Collins, Pearl Street in Boulder, the 16th Street Mall in Denver, and all of the mountain towns have great downtown areas as well.
  • Get your garden started. Even though we’re not done with the cold, you can still at least start working on your garden to get it ready for the bounty this summer.
  • Get your lawn ready for the summer. I know this might not sound like something fun to do but invite a friend or involve your whole family and make it fun.
  • Go on a picnic! Colorado is full of beautiful parks and Open Spaces to enjoy with your family, friends, and some good food. Great for the Colorado Lifestyle.
  • Go camping! Even though it’s a little colder right now, it is still prime camping weather.  Campsites will be easy to come by and the area will be quieter. Just make sure that you check the weather before you go and be prepared.
  • Go fishing! The fish have been holed up for the winter and they’re probably hungry. That can make for some really good fishing.

Well, I could go on for a while, but I think you get the point. Colorado has lots of great things to do in this transitional season. Go out and enjoy the Colorado lifestyle.

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