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Our goal is to make the process of buying, selling, or owning a home efficient, enjoyable and rewarding for you.  See what our clients have said about my real estate services…

Joe and Ann (an unsolicited testimonial)


“We had a very difficult property to market and sell. We lived out in the country with some acreage. We had special well permits and mineral rights, not to mention a proposed highway going to be built over our property.

Jay Seier had his work cut out for him. We had our property on the market for 3  years and when the right buyer came along the process went off without a hitch. He stuck with us and never slacked off in his marketing efforts.

I also sold a property in Old Town Longmont. It was my grandmother’s house so there was an emotional attachment to the property. We got an offer on the first day and Jay helped me not only through the legal loop holes that come with properties in trust, but he was always sensitive to my emotional state. He even sat with us through closing and helped make the process a positive experience.

I have been looking at buying a business. Jay spent several hours giving me advice and insight to entrepreneurship; definitely above and beyond a realtor’s duties. I consider Jay a friend now. We can not wait to start shopping for our new house.” The Millers

“…Two other agents with large firms couldn’t sell our property, but Jay did!”   Derk and Sloan Masters

“…By having an agent (Jay Seier) negotiate with my builder, I was able to purchase my home for $43,000 under the asking price And get over $10,000 worth of additional work done that they had previously refused to do for another buyer.” Jack D.

“Jay sold my home in 2 Days and for higher than any of my neighbor’s!  I have used other agencies before and I will never pay full commission again.”
Milly Hughes

“I am a residential real estate investor in the Seattle area. In search of builders, I happened upon a new construction that (embarrassingly) I thought was in Washington. Well, it wasn’t, it was in Colorado and was listed by a

company called Jolly Homes that I hadn’t heard of before for obvious reasons. Long story short I ended up on the phone with Jay Seier, 

who I soon found out has a wealth of real estate knowledge varying from local residential to national partnerships and even a vast investment background. The real amazing thing was he was willing to share and help in any way he could. Such a combination of experience and goodwill are extremely hard to come by. I never expected a wrong call to lead to almost an hour on the phone and a full page of notes. Just goes to show, with Jolly Homes and especially Jay Seier, expect the unexpected.” Brett Manney 

“Following Jay’s advice, I was able to sell my condo at the highest price ever in my complex.  He said, paint and the second showing after we did, generated a full price offer.”  Mary Kay

“…Following Jay’s advice on pricing,my home sold in the first week and was priced highest in the neighborhood.”   E. G. Woolf

“…Jay sold our home on the first showing and found us our dream home.  We closed both within 3 weeks with NO hiccups!”
Chris and Jacque R.

“…Jay saved me over $35,000 on the purchase of my first home!”
R. Miller 

“Jay’s expertise got us a higher than asking price in a down market!”
Tom and Alexcia Donnelly

“…Using Jay’s service we saved over  $15,000 on the sale of our home”
Miramont Resident 

“Jay sold our home in 1 day to a buyer that he was already working with and kept us out of foreclosure”  Anonymous