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So you can read this, or watch/listen to me talk about it below.  The stories don’t match, but you’ll get the gist either way. If you read both, I promise you’ll laugh at least twice.

BACKSTORY: I came across a marketing company that had a super money back guarantee on results on their done-for-you marketing plan. First off, it’s hard to find a marketing company that will even discuss results with you much less give you any kind of guarantee.  All I had to do is follow the directions….Since there are probably only 3 people that will see this, and you know me, you know I always say, ‘ The road to ‘success’ is clearly marked, you just have to follow the signs.’ So here I go!

The program includes direct mail that sends people to a website. They access the site, I’m notified, and then my first job is to deliver them a paper marketing packet in person to their door. Basically, just do a door knock.  Something I haven’t done in years since I’m an inbound marketer but I just spent almost $4,000 dollars for this program so I’m going to do it. If I ever do something, I have to go all in or I usually get bored and walk away.

To get prepared for this I need to put a bunch of stuff together.  One ‘stuff’ item is a paper marketing plan.  I literally have about 10 of these either self written or collected over the years but never presented one on paper because its paper and I’m paperLESS. I finally get 36 pages together and it doesn’t even come close to explaining all that I do, but whatever.  I send it to the printer and with my discount it’s $8.51. It’s been a long time since I printed anything myself so I was a bit stunned but if it gets me a listing, it really doesn’t matter.

So I’m ready to rock.  At least I’m ready for Step 1. $4,008.51 spent plus a few hours of my time. Direct mail piece gets delivered and I get my first lead.

I record calls when I can and I caught my first person-to-person lead visit on this one with my phone in my breast pocket.

The audio sounds like a great example of what not to do but I think a video of the exchange would give me a little grace.

I thought I was golden, because when I drove up I see the husband and wife were just walking inside. I was nicely dressed and packing my Beautiful 36-page full color $8.51 marketing packet with a small gift and newly printed business card. (business cards are something that I haven’t used since people have been able to keep contacts on their cell phone.) 

The mother/wife answered the door with a cookie in her hand. She greeted me and then took a huge bite out of the cookie. I handed her my card and she immediately started shaking her head ‘no’ left to right and waving me off with her free hand in my face as she chomped down her cookie.

You can hear the brief conversation …winner to loser in seconds. The first male voice that you here is their teenage son coming up behind me as I was knocking on the door.

Face to Face shutdown, but guess what? I’m still alive and that callous was just made stronger. That callous is HUGE for me since I’ve been in sales forever, started multiple companies and not really being that physically attractive or having an attractive personality. 

If you’re new or old to sales you get this.  This experience took me WAY back to the OLD SCHOOL and I honestly liked it.  Rejection still gets me fired up! SU-PRIZE! 

My follow up will be a nice handwritten card. That ‘no’ was so quick they apparently have been thinking about it.


I think the next time I will show up in costume and video it (I initially wrote film it) but ONLY if I get at least 100 subscribers to my YouTube channel  If you’re my competition, think about how much you’d love to see that.  If I get 200, I’ll let those subscribers pick the costume with 1 stipulation…It covers all my private parts including nipples.

If you happen to be this far and don’t know me please know that I love helping people with their sales problems and my door is always open to lend a helping hand if you’re in real estate or even politics.