Property For Sale

Have you been wondering what ways there are to find property for sale without using the MLS? It is possible to find them. Finding them may take more hard work on your part to find these deals. They are out there and let us help you find them.

  1. Do you have a neighborhood that you would love to live in? Heres our advice. Park your car on the street, leash up your dog if you have one and start walking. When you find a friendly homeowner on the street, talk to them. Find out if they are wanting to sell or if they know someone in the neighborhood who is looking to sell and may have had some trouble doing so. Find that dream house. Knock on the door and ask the homeowner if they are wanting to sell. If they don’t want too, make sure to leave your information and that they know you would be interested in buying their home.
  2. Look for homes with owners trying to sell their home on their own. These owners don’t want to deal with the fees that are associated real estate agents. Work with these owners and understand their frustrations and if you do that you can get yourself a nice house.
  3. Look for fixer-uppers. There are homes in your area that need love. The previous homeowners haven’t kept up with their maintenance. That’s where you come in. Buy one that has potential on the cheap and pay for its renovation.
  4. Get hold of the delinquent tax lists from your county tax assessor. Homeowners have hardships in their lives. Sometimes those hardships can mean that they aren’t able to keep up with the mortgage payments and taxes that they owe on their home. That’s where you come in. Some of these homeowners just want out of their responsibilities. It can be a great deal if the numbers are right. Beware, some counties are stingy when it comes to handing out their tax lists.
  5. You can check with banks about homes they have on their books that they are maintaining. These banks may have these homes not listed on the MLS. Working with these banks can mean you can get a great home without the trouble of trying to outbid other buyers.

With these tips and some hard work, you can get yourself a nice house that isn’t being looked at on the MLS. There are properties out there for sale if you know where to look. When you’re ready to begin your purchase, the Jolly Homes Team will be here for you.