Fort Collins Real Estate

Colorado is a state of great beauty. Being situated in the middle of the Rockies, Colorado has some of the most beautiful mountain scenery any state has the offer. It has been the second fastest-growing state in the nation with only North Dakota beating it to the top of the list. With this influx of people moving into the state, its real estate for sale has been an asset that has been increasing in value.

The Fort Collins/Northern Colorado metro area includes the cities of Loveland, Wellington, and Windsor Colorado. A lot of people wanting a change of pace and access to the outdoors move here because it is close to all the amenities and not big and congested like Denver.

Homes, townhomes, and condos are a great investment that has steadily increased in value the longer you own it. Wherever you decide to live, you have access to some of the best outdoor activities this state has to offer including hiking, fishing, hunting, biking and whichever sports peak your interests. You can search for Fort Collins Real Estate here.

Because of the popularity of our state, during the 2008 economic crisis, Colorado was spared the steep drop in prices that other areas had experienced in their real estate. From its ranch style homes to its historic mid-century modern homes, the states real estate for sale can suit whatever you are looking for in a home.

Condos and townhomes are popular options because they can be low maintenance compared to homes. Some have no yard to take care of or your HOA maintains the yard for you. Many condos and townhomes share the benefits of living in an apartment complex like having community centers for family gatherings, BBQ areas, and maintained pools for hot summer days.

The Fort Collins Metro area has highly rated public schools. The city of Fort Collins is home to Colorado State University. CollegeRanker ranked Fort Collins 3rd in their best college towns to live in. Because of the university, several corporations have set up research facilities including HP, Intel AMD and more. 

The Fort Collins-Loveland area is a lively and beautiful place to live in. Did you know that the downtown of Walt Disney World was based on the downtown of Fort Collins?  With all the reasons mentioned above plus its abundance of ranch style homes, the Fort Collins area is why more people are beginning to call it home. 

You can begin your single-family house search here. There are a huge number of ways for individuals to get into a home from traditional mortgages, FHA loans, VA Home Loans and numerous amount of options from the Colorado Housing and Finance Authority.

Land is a great way to purchase real estate for sale. These lots can be used for building your own home or vacation house. It can be the space you go to be around nature. You won’t need to ask permission to drive your recreational vehicles, to hike, camp, hunt or fish on the land you own.

According to Farm Flavor, nearly half of the state of Colorado’s 66 million acres of land are dedicated to farms and ranches. The rich fertile soil of Colorado helps attribute more than $40 billion to the economy of the state each year along with 173,000 jobs. FHA Farm Loan programs can make it easy for buyers to afford these kinds of properties. Who wouldn’t want to play farmer or rancher in this beautiful state?

If you are active, the area has great biking and hiking trails. Fishing areas include the Fort Collins City Park Lake, Big Thompson River, Horsetooth Reservoir, St. Vrain State Park, Poudre River, and the Rocky Mountain National Park. 

Colorado has a history of being a stable and growing economy. The state has been voted one of the best states to start a new business especially if you are in the gig economy. If you are moving into the state to start a business, Colorado has an abundance of older commercial property to suit your needs. If you are a creative person, there are buildings that can be repurposed for your business needs.

Large employers have been setting up locations in the metro area for a long time because they know that the area is so appealing that they can attract top talent.

Some of the larger employers include HP, Colorado State University, Otterbox, New Belgium Brewing, Budweiser and Woodward Governor to name a few. There are a ton of tech and new energy jobs as well. These employers and the jobs they provide mean it can be easy to have a high-income job for the residents who are looking to raise families. 

Colorado has been in demand and the people who move here do so on purpose. The state has many qualities to suit your needs. Colorado will continue to be popular with people for years to come. Contact the Jolly Homes Team to begin your real estate purchases today.