Best Fort Collins, Co Real Estate Agent

The Secret Sauce of Real Estate. Selling your current home and upgrading to your new home at the same time. 

The right real estate agent can make sure you have a seamless transition from your old home to your new Fort Collins home. The best real estate agent, even in CO, will help negotiate your sale and purchase but doing this successfully can be complex. You aren’t selling your home to end up homeless. 

There can be a rush to get a home sold. In a hot real estate market, you can go from being on the market to accepting a great offer and going into the closing of the deal. You will need an agent that can make sure you aren’t out on the street or couch surfing when your home is sold. 

If you aren’t rich you won’t have the extra money on hand to purchase your next home without the money you will have earned from the sale of your current home.  Closing your escrow will help you get to those needed funds for your new residence. An experienced real estate agent will keep you in your home to help you during the escrow process. You will need a real estate agent who has experience in the community you are in. He will need to have experience with the best lenders in your area and experience with the contracts that are used in your home. 

Keeping this in mind you can make sure that you aren’t out in the cold or overpaying in a rental property when your home is sold.