Are Zillow and Trulia reliable?

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I know people Love Zillow, Trulia, but you need to know that the real estate agent community does not.  The main reason is that they try to sell us back our own data but we also are not fans because they put out so much misinformation.  This video shows you how I would research a property that is sent to me by a client.  This would be a piece of real estate in Colorado.  If you’re in another state there are  similar tools for you in your area for sure.

In the Fort Collins real estate market there is a big push to remove our listings from this site and some offices and individual agents already have.  The result might sound crazy to the consumer but it actually is better for the consumer for a lot of reasons.  Mainly, by going to the right websites you are going to get the most accurate information available.

If you haven’t yet, watch and listen to the quick video about and let me know your thoughts.  I’m open to any questions or comments below.

Links discussed in the Public side of our MLS my website Larimer County records Weld County Records

Thanks for your time.