What to Look Out for When Buying a Fort Collins

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When you’re on the lookout for something on the market of Fort Collins real estate, you’ll need to know what problems are red flags and which you can simply deal with.

Buried Oil Tank: I know this sounds silly, but if you are looking at acreage this can be a factor. This is an expensive removal procedure and can also have harmful effects on the environment. If a home for sale in the Fort Collins area has oil leaking into the ground, then it could cost upwards of $40,000 to fix. Make sure you ask the sellers whether there is an issue with it, or look inside of the fine print of the information to see if there is mention of it.

Amateur wiring and/or plumbing: When it comes to plumbing or wiring in your home, make sure a professional with experience has dealt with it. It can cost you big bucks if you have to replace walls or flooring from leaks, or you may have to deal with a fire due to a short from an amateur working on the wiring. Check for exposed writing downstairs or S-traps below the sink; professional traps are shaped like a P.

Water damage: If there is any indication that there might be water damage on the basement walls where they intersect with the floor, then you may have a home on theFort Collinsreal estate in need of drainage repair. This will not be fixed with standard grading. Think about the fact that it requires an expert to dig around and install drainage pipes, which means it is going to be a very expensive fix. Any water damage high in corners means a leaky roof or potentially years of damage to the pipes.

Asbestos: Given the fact that it is a carcinogen, it is definitely a deal-breaker to have any kind of asbestos around since it is a serious hazard to your health. Check around the plumbing or in the attics for insulation against asbestos, which will generally look like fiberglass or somewhat chalky with small chambers on one end for air. If there is disintegrating or worn insulation in an older home, then definitely pass on it.

Radon: Fort Collins Homes have an 80% chance of having higher than acceptable levels of radon.  Radon is a gas that when breathed in and it decomposes in your lungs it turns to lead that is a carcinogen.  When buying a home in Fort Collins, make sure to have the radon levels checked.

Make sure to look out for these things when buying a home.